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Burlington/West Burlington Area United Way, Inc.


Civic & Service


The Burlington Area United Way holds annual campaigns and distributes funds to worthy programs, and so much more! Our mission is to be the expert on the complex and ever-changing human condition throughout the Greater Burlington Area. We are the resource organizer and community problem-solver, with initiatives and collaborative projects to put your contributions at work where they’re needed most.

The Burlington Area United Way has a unique fund distribution and community planning process that calls on volunteers and staff to determine community need, assessing agencies and programs to make sure an effective safety net is established for individuals and families. With careful planning, we make sure the resources – including dollars, volunteers, and in-kind services – go where they will do the most good and help make the Greater Burlington Area an even better place to live.

This Is Accomplished Through The Combined Efforts Of:

— Over 350 trained local volunteers

— A 27-member Board of Directors 

— And Over 74 Allocation Review volunteers

 All of these folks are people like you and I, who want to make our community a better place to live.

United Way Would Like To Note That:
  • 11 Local Agencies are receiving funding
  • They serve over a 40-Mile Radius area in our local community
  • 1 out of 2 people in our community have utilized a service or resource being provided by United Way Funded Agencies


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